English for kids with ben an bella.

Our products help your child to learn English

     in an imaginative — and natural — way.

Ben & Bella products help children to excel

        later in school and in other areas of life.

Our entertaining multimedia products

       include something fun for every child.

Our internationally tested products train the

     mind and ear while engaging the senses.

Your child is smarter than you think.

This principle goes for all of us — but especially for children. Playful and uninhibited, they learn best while having fun. Singing, dancing, doing

Active involvement leads to comprehension.
Results don’t come overnight.

Ben & Bella’s multimedia products take

     into account what children like to do best.

Ben and Bella themselves will draw your

  child into their lively English-language world.

Using stories, songs and dances, exercises and games,

          Ben & Bella products immerse children in a complete

     English-language environment.

English for kids can come quickly and easily.

Learning comes naturally to the young.
No child learns quite the same way.
Satisfaction is guaranteed.
Learn English The Ice House
Learn English choreography
Learn English Going Places
Learn English The Clown Song
Learn English method
English for little children box set

With Ben & Bella products, playing becomes learning.



English for kids